10 December 2014
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Prepare for your lease return

How to Prepare a Car for Lease Inspection
At the end of your vehicle leases agreement, you will need to return your car to the dealership. Before the car is accepted back, it will go through an inspection process. Note that there are some wear and tear issues that the inspector will overlook and others they will charge you for. If you want to know the best way to prepare for a lease inspection, consider the following list.
Read your lease agreement to make sure you are clear on what is acceptable wear and tear. Dealerships will not charge you for normal wear and tear, but the specifics vary from dealership to dealership. For example, for some dealerships, minor scratches, dents and dings are considered normal. Damaged interior, dented trim and missing parts are considered excessive, and you will likely be charged. Learn the difference.

Go through the leased vehicle and remove all your personal property before lease inspection. Check the glove compartment and center console. Then make sure that the car's manual is still in the glove compartment. Check that there is nothing missing, including the lighter cap, floor mats and anything else that came with the car when you originally leased it.
Inspect the vehicle yourself for things to do to prepare it, and note any concerns. Write down tasks as simple as getting car washed and vacuumed. Note any concerning marks, scratches and damaged areas that may pose a problem or incur a car lease penalty. You may want to take pictures of the car from all angles and inside and out. You can compare your photos with the inspector's if a concern arises that you feel was not your doing.

Decide whether you want to fix the excessive wear and tear or pay the dealership's penalty. Get an estimate for fixing damages that the dealership would charge you for. Weigh those costs against the dealership's penalty, and decide which one you would rather pay.

Consider getting your leased vehicle detailed before its inspection. A professional cleaning and waxing will better prepare your car for inspection at the end of your lease. Detailing will also ensure that you didn't miss anything minor before handing the car in.

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