Hi Tim, I have no reason what so ever to be unhappy about the wonderful transformation you did for the strikingly obvious dents in my car. The cost would have in hundreds, may have been close to a grand because it involved multiple panels and inside steel frame. I actually feel guilty seeing how much hard work you put in to transform my car into an undoubtedly better shape than what it was. Your request is very simple and I and my family will do all we can to promote you and your business. Thanks a ton, Anna Thurairatnam, Thank You!

Anna Thurairatnam

Happy New Year! Hope you are well!

Thanks again for coming to my condo parking spot on Dec 20 to fix my dents on my Mazda 3 on short notice. And thanks for offering to clear up the scratch marks on my bumper for free the next time I get my car washed at the place by you. Can you forward the contact info of that car wash place? I lost the card you have me.

John Tse

Tim Chase does exceptional work repairing dents. He recently returned my Honda Civic to factory finish after being clipped by a cabbie. I literally couldn't tell where the dent had been. His prices were very reasonable. I *highly* recommend him.

Bev Bernbaum

This service saved hundreds of dollars. After they fixed the damage from the last hailstorm and a couple of door dings the car looks like new. I found out that Tim is also a certified master mechanic which gave me complete confidence in his abilities. I am telling all my friends about Dent Transformer, January 24, 2012. Henry Hong, Toronto, Ontario

Henry Hong